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Celebration of Excellence: Prince Sultan Aviation Academy- PSAA Event

The Prince Sultan Aviation Academy (PSAA) Event in Jeddah was a testament to top-tier event planners’ expertise in crafting a memorable affair. Meticulous planning and seamless organization formed the core of this distinguished gathering. From selecting an impressive venue to coordinating guest experiences, the event makers team showcased their proficiency, ensuring a smooth event flow. Their strategic event management prowess shone in flawless logistics, engaging activities, and informative sessions, fostering an environment merging innovation with aviation excellence.

Location: Jeddah

Services provided by Event Makers:

  1. Screen (P3- 44M)
  2. Sound System (Active compact with mic, mixer and so on)
  3. Lighting System (Sky Beam & Spot, Led Wash, City Color, Leaser and so on)
  4. Truss & Stage
  5. Security
  6. Sound & Lighting expert team
  7. Video Expert team
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