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Avolites Quartz Controller with Flight Case


14.1-inch screen, 10.0 system with ups power. The default output is 4 512, and the network can output 12 512

Technical parameter configuration: Celeron dual-core processor,60G solid state drive, 90-minute ups power supply. Built-in 4 DMX output ports, 2048 channels; Supports Art-net network output and can be expanded to 12Universe DMX outputs over the network;

Supports Titan-net protocol and can be extended to 64 Universe DMX outputs 10 mechanical page flip playback faders;20 custom macro function buttons; Built-in a 14.1” high-brightness touch screen Expandable Titan Fader wing (replay auxiliary station, 20playback faders, 30 custom macro functions, USB powered)Support for headphone output (Headphone) 1 Gigabit network interface supporting Art-net, Titan-net, Streaming CAN protocol Compatible with other TITAN system console performance