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Super Beam-480 Light

Specifications :


2.Rated power:600W;

3.Light source:Original Philips 421W bulb

4.Stroboscopic:support mechanical stroboscopic and adjustable stroboscopic effects,supports strobe macro

5.Reflective bowl: lamp cup integrated package

6.Heat dissipation: built-in overheating protection,intelligent fan automatically tracking temperature,intelligent speed control

7.Optical system: independent R&D of advanced optical system to ensure clear imaging quality

8.Color wheel: 13 color+ white,with half-color overlay effect

9.Gobo wheel: 13 fixed Gobos+ water effect,with jiggle effect

10.Prism: 8+16 double prisms (customizable)

11.Atomization: independent atomization function, present soft natural effect of light spot.

12.Beam angle: 0-1.8 °1

3.Light aperture:188mm

14.Color temperature: 7500k

15.Channel mode: 17/20CH