Event Overview

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Event Makers took the lead in organizing the MED-MEDINA ESTATES EXPO 2024, a showcase of real estate and property development. With a focus on creativity and expertise in event management, Event Makers transformed the expo into a dynamic platform for showcasing properties and engaging with potential buyers and investors.


The Brief

Tasked with planning and organizing the MED-MEDINA ESTATES EXPO 2024, Event Makers embraced the opportunity to create a memorable and impactful event. Our goal was to provide a platform for real estate developers to showcase their properties and for attendees to explore the latest trends in property development. To achieve this, we installed LED screens of various specifications, including P2.6 and P3.9, as well as brand new outdoor LED screens with high-resolution P2.9 technology. Additionally, we provided essential equipment such as podiums, customized tables, branded podiums, sound systems featuring Line Array Systems and Electro-voice speakers, lights, conference mics, plasma screens, and logistical support.


Our Contribution

At Event Makers, we approached the MED-MEDINA ESTATES EXPO 2024 with a focus on creativity and expertise. Leveraging our extensive experience in event management, we curated a visually stunning environment that showcased the properties in the best possible light. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the expo, from the lighting to the sound quality, exceeded expectations. Through our logistical support and production services, we created a seamless experience that allowed attendees to explore the properties on display and engage with real estate developers.

The Results

The MED-MEDINA ESTATES EXPO 2024 was a resounding success, with Event Makers playing a pivotal role in its execution. The installations and services provided by Event Makers enhanced the overall experience for attendees, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. As the expo concluded, Event Makers reflected on its contribution to promoting the real estate sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in event management and creative solutions.