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King Abdullah Sports City

To play with colors, Eventmakers is one of the best in KSA. Our Event makers team technicians & software engineers have the capability to surprise and create colored waves. These are some photos & videos of the event that took place in King Abdullah Sports City.

Location: King Abdullah City

Services provided by Event Makers:

  1. Sound System (Active compact with mic, mixer and so on)
  2. Lighting System (Sky Beam & Spot, Led Wash, City Color, Leaser and so on)
  3. Truss & Stage
  4. Security
  5. Sound & Lighting expert team
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More Events:

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KIA Car Launch Event of 2023

EventMakers provides screens, sound systems, light systems and many more to decorate this event. This is not EventMakers first-time working with KIA. Event Makers Team

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Jetour Car Launch at Super Dome

After three days of working, we are delighted to complete the setup. It was a challenging setup for Eventmakers team. The setup time was not