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Panda – Hyper Panda Project- Ramadan Lighting 2023

We cover Ramadan light installation at Panda Retail Company in KSA. More than 25 branches of Panda are colored by Event Makers. More than 500 city color are installed in those branches. We have also a running project with Ashley. Event Makers Company have the ability to colored more than 100 branches all over KSA at a time. We have also happy to announce that we open a branch in Dubai. Now, we can cover UAE also. Let’s colored your Business, Band, Product etc. with Event Makers Company.

Location: KSA

Services provided by Event Makers:

  1. Screen (P3- 44M)
  2. Sound System (Active compact with mic, mixer and so on)
  3. Lighting System (Sky Beam & Spot, Led Wash, City Color, Leaser and so on)
  4. Truss & Stage
  5. Security
  6. Sound & Lighting expert team
  7. Video Expert team

More Events:

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King Abdullah Sports City

To play with colors, Eventmakers is one of the best in KSA. Our Event makers team technicians & software engineers have the capability to surprise

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KIA Car Launch Event of 2023

EventMakers provides screens, sound systems, light systems and many more to decorate this event. This is not EventMakers first-time working with KIA. Event Makers Team

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Jetour Car Launch at Super Dome

After three days of working, we are delighted to complete the setup. It was a challenging setup for Eventmakers team. The setup time was not