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Wedding – Celebrating A Eternal Unions

Weddings in Saudi Arabia stand as magnificent affairs where event makers showcase their expertise in event planning, management, and design. Event organizers meticulously choreograph these grand celebrations, blending cultural traditions with modern touches. They excel in creating seamless experiences, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring every detail reflects the couple’s vision and heritage. Event designers play a pivotal role, adorning venues with elaborate floral decorations and captivating lighting arrangements. Their artistry transforms spaces into mesmerizing settings that embody elegance and cultural significance.

Location: Jeddah

Services provided by Event Makers:

1. Truss & Stage
2. Sound System
3. Lighting
4. Security
5. Sound & Lighting expert team
6. Video Expert team

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King Abdullah Sports City

To play with colors, Eventmakers is one of the best in KSA. Our Event makers team technicians & software engineers have the capability to surprise

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KIA Car Launch Event of 2023

EventMakers provides screens, sound systems, light systems and many more to decorate this event. This is not EventMakers first-time working with KIA. Event Makers Team

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Jetour Car Launch at Super Dome

After three days of working, we are delighted to complete the setup. It was a challenging setup for Eventmakers team. The setup time was not