Groove on the Grass

Event Overview

In the dynamic setting of King Abdullah Economic City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Event Makers played a pivotal role in the immersive experience of Groove on the Grass, the Middle East’s pioneering Music & Arts festival. As attendees reveled in the harmonious blend of music, art, and culture, Event Makers provided essential services that ensured a safe and vibrant environment for all.


The Brief

Tasked with providing essential event services for Groove on the Grass, Event Makers embraced the opportunity to contribute to a festival that transcends mere entertainment. With a focus on creating a loving and safe environment where only positive vibes thrive, our goal was to enhance the festival experience through expertly crafted stage design, state-of-the-art sound systems, captivating lighting, and top-tier security. As Groove on the Grass embraced a philosophy of inclusivity and creativity, Event Makers stood ready to support its mission and amplify its impact.


Our Contribution

At Event Makers, we recognized the transformative power of Groove on the Grass as a platform for fostering connections and embracing individuality. Leveraging our expertise in truss and stage design, sound systems, lighting, and security, we meticulously crafted an environment where diverse energies harmonized and attendees could immerse themselves in shared passions. Our sound and lighting experts worked tirelessly to create immersive experiences, while our video team captured the essence of each moment with precision and artistry. With a dedicated focus on excellence and safety, Event Makers ensured that every aspect of the festival contributed to its inclusive and vibrant atmosphere.

The Results

Groove on the Grass was a celebration of music, art, and culture, with Event Makers playing a crucial role in its success. From the captivating stage design to the immersive soundscapes and mesmerizing lighting, our contributions enhanced the festival’s atmosphere and created unforgettable experiences for attendees. As memories of Groove on the Grass linger, Event Makers takes pride in its role in bringing this transformative event to life, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in event management and our dedication to fostering inclusive and vibrant communities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.